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Aquarium FAQs

Q.1 Why Should I Have an Aquarium?

Q.2 Where Do I Keep My Aquarium?

It is a great misconception that an Aquarium requires a lot of space. At WATER PETS we have something for everybody. Be it your drawing room, bedroom, study or even your little one's nursery.

An Aquarium makes a very good idea for your office or place of work; it helps you relax from all that stress. At the reception, an Aquarium gives a very soothing and welcoming look. It also speaks of the attitude of your organisation.

The beautiful and enchanting aquascaping in our Aquariums have helped many of the hotels, restaurants, beauty parlors, and show rooms to boost their business because an Aquarium adds life to the interiors and in turn makes a customer visit again and again, maybe with an extra friend.

The educative potential of our Aquariums has tempted many of the schools and institutions to keep an Aquarium for both decoration and teaching about aquatic life.

Q.3 How Heavy Is an Aquarium on My Purse?

Is keeping an Aquarium an expensive hobby? Well, you can decide for yourself after reading this.

Expense on an Aquarium can be divided into two stages

  • The initial set up costs
  • Day to day running costs
  • The initial set up cost covers the cost of all the basic equipment needed to start the Aquarium, and thus it proves to be a one-time investment.

    At a later stage your only need to spend on buying fish food and adding new specimens, which is just a fraction of what you have spent initially.

    At WATER PETS, we have various sized fish bowls and mini Aquariums for those who want to start on a small budget. Besides this, our range is very wide to choose from.

    Please see our Price List for more details, or call us at (0124) 5076690, or email us with your questions and contact information at

    Q.4 Is Maintaining an Aquarium A Big Headache?

    You do not need to be an expert fish keeper to maintain a healthy and good-looking Aquarium. Just 15 minutes a day in front of your Aquarium will keep you in touch with your Aquarium conditions and thus give you a chance to act before anything goes wrong. You can always ask for friendly advice or go through the useful tips from WATER PETS.
    This page was last updated on 2 May 2005