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Water Pets 46/7 Urban Estate
Gurgaon 122001, Haryana

Phone: (0124) 5076690


Price List for year 2004.

To place an order, call +91 (124) 5076690
Send email to

If the specific product you require is not listed in this document, please inform us of the specifications, and we will order it for you.

Please contact us for prices of the various species of fish available.

Please note: All prices shown are in Indian Rupees and are correct at time of publishing this list, however, they are subject to change without notice.

Products available:

Glass Tanks, Fibreglass Tank Covers, Gold Fish Bowls, Air Pumps, Filters, Silica Gravel, Background Sceneries, Plants (Natural/Plastic), Fish Food, Medicines, Aquarium Lighting, Heaters, Thermometers, Aquarium Ornaments and Toys.

Services available:

- Aquarium maintenance service
    - Domestic
    - Companies

- Aquarium installation

- Consulting


Glass Tanks:

Silicon bonded, all-glass aquarium tanks are guaranteed against leakage for one year. Guarantee is void if the aquarium glass is cracked.

Following are standard sizes available:
Size (L x B x H) Inches  Price
12 x 9 x 9 Rs. 250.00
12 x 9 x 12 Rs. 275.00
18 x 9 x 12 Rs. 300.00
18 x 9 x 15 Rs. 400.00
24 x 12 x 15 Rs. 550.00
24 x 12 x 18 Rs. 600.00

Any other size or shape in tanks can be made on order basis.

Fibreglass Reinforced Tank Covers
Size (L x B) Inches Price
12 x 9  Rs. 175.00
18 x 9  Rs. 200.00
24 x 12 Rs. 275.00

Available in various colours (Red, Blue, Grey, Maroon, Off-white).

Air Pumps
Tropi 666 Rs. 125.00
Jumbo Jet 2000 Rs. 200.00
Jumbo Jet 200 Rs. 300.00

Aquarium Filters
Under gravel filter Rs. 75.00
Box type filter (filter medium - glass wool) Rs. 45.00
Motorized Tropi Rs. 375.00

Silica Gravel/Rocks/Shells
Silica Gravel - White Rs. 10.00 per Kg
Silica Gravel - Coloured (Red, Green, Blue) Rs. 35.00 per Kg
Ceramic Coloured Chips Rs. 35.00 per Kg
Coloured Pebbles (Plastic) Rs. 45.00 per 250g
Shell (assorted package) Rs. 50.00 for 10 shells

Background Scenery

In plastic film Poster type, can be pasted on rear aquarium window.
Water resistant.
Available in Tropical and Marine Reef scenes.
Height in inches Price per foot length.
12" Rs. 55.00
15" Rs. 65.00
18" Rs. 75.00

Plastic Imitation Aquarium Plants
Cobamba (green) Rs. 15.00
Amazon (green) Rs. 30.00
Hygrophilla Rs. 15.00

Various other varieties in red, green and blue subject to availability.

Natural Plants (Subject to availability)
Amazon Rs. 25.00
Vallessnaria Gigantex Rs. 10.00
Cryptocorgne Blassii Rs. 35.00
Hydrilla Verticillata Rs. 15.00
Cobamba Aquatica Rs. 5.00
Hygrophilla Difformis Rs. 5.00
Ludurgia Repens Rs. 5.00
Najas Guadelupensis Rs. 25.00

Fish Food

Kijaro (100 gms) Rs. 65.00
Kijaro (20 gms) Rs. 15.00

Freeze Dried
Daphnia 10 gms Rs. 25.00
Tubifex Worms Cubes Rs. 55.00
Blood Worms (100 gms) Rs. 25.00

Rid All Anti Chlorine (100ml) Rs. 75.00
Rid All Anti Itch Blue (100ml) Rs. 75.00
Rid All Anti Fungus 100ml) Rs. 75.00

Aquarium Kits - Assemble it yourself

The kit is easy to assemble with a complete step by step instruction guide.
It contains a complete set of aquarium:
Glass Tank + Air Pump + Tank Cover + Bulb + Filter + Gravel + Plastic Plants + Fish Food + Air Fittings + 1 Toy

The Kit is available in various sizes:
12 x 9 x 9 Rs. 875.00
18 x 9 x 12 Rs. 1000.00
18 x 9 x 15 Rs. 1300.00

Gift Fish Bowl Set
(Good for Gifts!)

Gift fish bowls are a complete set with:

You also get complete instruction on how to maintain and care for your Gold Fish Bowl.

Sizes (diameter in inches)
8" Rs. 200.00
10" Rs. 300.00
12" Rs. 400.00

Aquarium Tube Lights
20 Watt, 2 Foot Rs. 350.00
40 Watt, 4 Foot Rs. 575.00

Aquarium Heaters
Tropi Rs. 75.00
Tropi with Thermostat Rs. 370.00

Digital Sticker type Rs. 75.00
Floating Rs. 100.00

Aquarium Maintenance Services

Our trained aquarium maintenance crew takes care of your aquarium. When they visit, they will perform the following:

Annual Maintenance Services

You can hire us for annual maintenance services. So our maintenance crew will perform aquarium maintenance by visiting and checking your aquarium twice a month (i.e., every 15 days).

Annual Aquarium Maintenance Charges

Your charges for aquarium maintenance will be calculated on following basis:

How to Purchase

To place an order, you can either email or telephone and leave your name, address and product details of your requirements.

Mode of payment

Payment must be made in cash, at the time of delivery of products.


We will try to deliver the product to your given address in 2-7 days, depending on the distance from the Water Pets office.
Products will be delivered free of charge within a 20 Km radius of the Water Pets office.  Delivery charges will apply to other locations.


If you want any product to be installed at the time of delivery, please inform in advance and get an estimate on the installation charges.

Aquarium Installation Services

Call us to get your aquarium installed for trouble-free running. Estimates of installation charges will be provided on request.

Consultancy Services

You can have free advice via telephone/email/post on any of your aquarium problems, or by visiting our office.
On-site consultations can be done by appointment. A fee will apply for onsite consultation visits - please ask in advance for an estimate.



Please note: All prices shown are in Indian Rupees and are correct at time of publishing this list, however, they are subject to change without notice.

This page was last updated on 8th June 2004.