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Water Pets

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  The wonderful display of aquatic life in your aquarium will enchant everyone in your house, it makes an excellent item to show off to your visitors, friends and relatives.

Boring TV An aquarium adds to the atmosphere of your house, making it lively and entertaining. Exclusive landscaping and a variety of exotic fish are fun with both kids and grownups alike.
For those with small kids, wouldn't you much rather have your small ones watch something educating rather than those boring, mindless TV programs?!

  Aquariums are a perfect and essential interior decoration for offices, hotels/restaurants and shops. Water Pets surely cannot help you with the efficient service or delicious food that you offer, but we surely can give your customers a reason to revisit -- probably the next time with friends. An attractive aquarium can convince anyone enter your establishment for a closer look. Once inside however, it is up to to you convert him or her into a customer!

  We can provide you with various types of exotic coloured fish to make your aquarium look spectacular.

  Besides good looks, aquariums from Water Pets come with superior quality accessories and are extremely durable. Water Pets can also provide monthly maintenance services at very reasonable rates to keep your aquarium looking like new and constantly appealing (under certain conditions, you may even qualify for free maintenance services).

  During the past few years, Water Pets Aquarium has become a darling with many satisfied patrons in Gurgaon. Amongst others, our customers include the Commissioner of Gurgaon, Delhi Public School, Smiles Fast Food, Dawat Restaurant, and the Church of the Epiphany.

  Many different sizes of aquarium are available -- from fishbowls for starters to larger aquariums built on order. You can see samples of different sizes in our showroom.

  So just give Water Pets a call (Gurgaon 507 6690) or visit our showroom -- we will be delighted to satisfy all your queries. We assure you that you will not be disappointed!


This page was last updated on 2 May 2005